• A scam website makes fake price for our basketball shooting machine

    A scam website makes fake price for our basketball shooting machine

    Dear Clients: We are sorry about the trouble. Maybe some of you already saw the scam website: https://www.ffotc.site/products/intelligent-basketball-training-equipmentsupplied-with-net That’s a scam, please be careful. Any information and question please focus on our official website. Thank...
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  • Siboai basketball server changes your sports life

    Siboai basketball server realizes intelligent service, man-machine confrontation, and redefines the “black technology” of basketball. Intelligent basketball equipment has the function of speed adjustment and frequency adjustment. The product structure of basketball server includes: ba...
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  • The charm of siboai tennis server

    Siboai tennis service opportunities let “you fall in love with sports, love tennis” intelligent tennis server, to help you solve the “tennis” trouble. Siboai brand focuses on safety, technological innovation, conscience quality, and is worthy of peace of mind. Intelligent ...
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  • What are the tips for buying a table tennis robot?

    What are the tips for buying a table tennis robot?

    There are more styles of table tennis ball machines, and the effects are different. A good ball machine can not only perform fitness and entertainment, but also act as your senior sparring partner. It can conduct individual basic technical training and a combination of multiple techniques, save s...
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  • How much is a basketball shooting machine

    How much is a basketball shooting machine

    Now days, intelligent sports equipment with much needs in professional clubs. Also, more and more players and fans would like to get a training equipment to improve their skills. For example- Basketball shooting machine, with rotate function, adjusting height, speed and frequency. The shooting ca...
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  • Siboasi Sports Live on Facebook on Thursday

    Dear All: Thanks for your attention and support. In order to show more details of our products, and let our clients learn more about all of our Machines. We will make Live on Facebook each Thursday, Welcome to Join us. Here is the live for S4015 tennis ball machine: https://www.facebook.com/SIBO...
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  • Meet your Love from Using Siboasi Basketball Shooting machine

    Because of the Coronavirus, people realized that doing sports is very important. Nice body will help Attracting the eyes of the opposite sex. Here we see 2 boys using Siboasi Basketball Shooting machine to training the skills and got their love. https://www.siboasi.com/uploads/Meet-your-love-from...
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  • How To Play With The Best Tennis Ball Machine

    https://www.siboasi.com/uploads/Play-with-the-best-tennis-ball-machine-S4015.mp4 Let’s watch the professional Video, Hope it will help you learn how to play with tennis ball machine. In the video is our Best Tennis ball machine S4015, portable, stable and nice performance.
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  • One of The Best Tennis Ball Machine S4015

    What a best tennis ball machine required? Nice design, Good quality, Easy handle, Stable performance, Good after sale Service. Siboasi S4015 includes all the above. High-end materials, Remote Control for handling, Professional after sale services department with Global Warehouse. https://www.sibo...
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    Dear all: Hope you know this: China is not Virus. https://www.siboasi.com/uploads/China-is-not-Virus.mp4
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  • Siboasi Sports Back to Office

    Dear Clients: Siboasi Sports already back to office. If you have any inquiries for Basketball shooting machine, Best Tennis ball machine, Badminton feeder, Soccer Training machine and so on. Please feel free to contact with us.
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  • Siboasi wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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