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S3015 Tennis Ball Shooter

Speed 20-140KM/H Ball Capacity 150 pcs
Ball Interval 1.8-8S Weight 22KG
Oscillation Interval; Vertical & Horizontal Package Size 53*43*52CM
Battery Life 3-5 Hours Warranty 2 years
Power Supply AC 110V OR 240V; DC 12V

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SIBOASI S3015 is a beginner-level model tennis ball shooter machine. Remote controlled. Directly use AC power (110V or 220V), an external battery which lasts 3-5 hours is available for option. Image you can keep the machine in your car or first floor and take away the external battery to charge for next practice. You are able to customize your drill adjusting serving interval, speed, height. Preset drills are full random, fixed point, deep-light ball circullation, two line, three line, 6 kinds of cross line and overhead smash drill.

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