News - Upgraded Model B2202A Siboasi Badminton training shooting machine

Siboasi B2202A badminton shuttlecock machine is the new model , it has been becoming the very popular model for it is the most competitive cost . Currently we updated it to be with battery also , make it becoming more popular in market , more competitive than other models .

Current features for Upgraded B2202A model :

  • 1. Add battery for this mode in future- chargeable battery  ;
  • 2.Electric power is also available ;
  • 3. Could play square ball , and do the self-programming setting , also could  set the balls number to be max. in five balls for each dropping point.
  • 4. Also random ball, net ball, high clear ball,smash ball, flat ball, cross-line ball ,two-line ball, three-line ball ;
  • 5. Both remote control and App control ;
  • 6.The 110V -240V to meet different countries;
  • 7. Net weight in only 30 KGS–with moving wheels, easy to move around in the court.
  • 8.Power in 360W ;
  • 9.Shuttle holder: could contain about 200 shuttles;

shuttlecock serve machine


Details for the Remote control :

  • 1.Power button: Long press switch button for 3s to start, 3s to turn off.
    2.Start/Pause button:Press once for pause, once again for re-work.
    3.Fixed mode F button:(1)Press ” F ” button to enter into fixed point mode,1 default point ;(2)Long press the ” F ” button on the remote control for 3 seconds to save the programmed fixed-point parameter;(3)Long press the ” F ” buttonof the remote control for 8 seconds, and the default parameters of the remote control will be restored to the factory setting.
    4.Combination mode button :(1)Press the “combination mode” button to enter the combination mode. The equipment serves according to the point position displayed on the remote control. In this mode, Frequency, Front court speed,back court speed and lifting can be adjuste;(2)Press the first square ball;
    Press the second medium shallow square ball; Press the third medium deep square ball; Press four vertical two-point cycles.
    5.Horizontal cycle button:Short press the horizontal cycle key of the remote control, and press the horizontal random cycle for the first time; For the second time, press the wide two-point ball cycle; Press the middle two-point ball cycle for the third time;Press the narrow two-point ball cycle for the fourth time; Press the three-point ball cycle for the Fifth time; Press the front court ball horizontal random for the sixth time;Press the back court ball horizontal random cycle for the seventh time.
    6.Random / program button:(1)Short press “random / program ” on the remote control to enter the random serve of the whole court. In this mode, the serve speed and frequency can be adjusted, the number of balls can not be adjusted.(2) Short press “random / program” on the remote control for the second, third and fourth times to switch the default three groups of programming settings. Speed, frequency and ball count can be adjusted.(3)Long press “random / program” on the remote control to enter the user-defined programming mode. You can set up 14 landing points in the field. Press the up, down, left and right keys to adjust the landing point position, press ” F ” key to confirm, press Cancel again, long press to cancel all
    programming landing points. Short press “random/program” button to save and exit the programming mode.
    7.Cross cycle button:Press “cross loop” on the remote control, and Press the left deep right shallow ball for the first time; Press the left shallow right deep ball for the second time.
    8.Front court speed+/- button:when the lifting is 1, gears 1-5grade adjustable; when the lifting is 2, 1-6 grade adjustable.
    9.Back court speed+/- button:1-5 grade adjustable.
    10.Frequency +/- button:1-9 grade adjustable.
    11.Machine up/down button: Adjust the height of the head.(display 1 is down and display 2 is up)
    12.Number of balls button:Adjust the number of placement serves. (Ball count 1-5 optional)

badminton serve machine

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Post time: Apr-04-2023