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New S4015C tennis ball machine App control

1. Siboasi New tennis ball machine Model in 2021 ;

2. App control , also could choose to add Remote control  and Smart watch control ;

3. Very competitive cost in Market  ;

4. Full functions , long lasting battery ;

5. It has what you want ;

6.Fast delivery after payment ;

One set, wordwide delivery!

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Siboasi most great new tennis ball training machine with APP -S4015C:

Model: S4015C Tennis machine with APP Power (Battery ): The DC 12V
Machine size: 57cm *41 cm *82 cm Machine Net Weight: 28.5 KGS for machine-very portable
Power (Electricity): AC POWER:110V-240V Packing measurement: 62 cm *49 cm *67 cm
Optional : Remote control and Smart Watch Packing Gross Weight After packing: 36 KGS
Frequency: 1.8-9 second/per ball Warranty: 2 years Warranty
Ball capacity: About 150 pieces After-sales service: Professional Siboasi after-sales department
Battery : Lasting about 5 hours Color : Black,Red,White
  • 1. With APP control (Standard),  Could choose Remote control and Watch control together if like;
  • 2. Two line Training, Three line Training ;
  • 3. Vertical Oscillation training ,volley training ;
  • 4. Random training, lob training ,fixed point training ;
  • 5. Self-programming functions ;
  • 6. This new tennis ball machine meet what you are looking for ;


Feedback from SIBOASI Clients:

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Our Advantage:

  • 1. Professional intelligent sports equipment manufacturer.
  • 2. 160+ Exported countries; 300+ Employees.
  • 3. 100% Inspection, 100% Guaranteed.
  • 4. Perfect After-Sale: Two years warranty.
  • 5. Fast delivery : warehouse nearby


SIBOASI ball machines manufacturer employs the European industry veterans to design and build the professional R&D teams and production test workshops. It mainly develops and produces football 4.0 high-tech projects,smart soccer ball machines,smart basketball machines,smart volleyball machines,smart tennis ball machines,padel training machine,smart badminton machines,smart table tennis machines,smart squash ball machines,smart racquetball machines and other training equipment and supporting sports equipment, has obtained more than 40 national patents and a number of authoritative certifications such as BV/SGS/CE. Siboasi first proposed the concept of intelligent sports equipment system, and set up three major chinese brands of sports equipment (SIBOASI, DKSPORTBOT, and TINGA), created four major segments of smart sports equipment. And it’s the inventor of the sports equipment system. SIBOASI  filled a number of technological gaps in the world’s ball field, and is the world’s leading brand in ball training equipment, now become well known in global market….


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