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New S4015C tennis ball machine App control

1. Siboasi New tennis ball machine Model in 2021 ;

2. App control , also could choose to add Remote control  and Smart watch control ;

3. Very competitive cost in Market  ;

4. Full functions , long lasting battery ;

5. It has what you want ;

6.Fast delivery after payment ;

One set, wordwide delivery!

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Siboasi most great new tennis ball training machine with APP -S4015C:

Model: S4015C Tennis machine with APP Power (Battery ): The DC 12V
Machine size: 57cm *41 cm *82 cm Machine Net Weight: 28.5 KGS for machine-very portable
Power (Electricity): AC POWER:110V-240V Packing measurement: 62 cm *49 cm *67 cm
Optional : Remote control and Smart Watch Packing Gross Weight After packing: 36 KGS
Frequency: 1.8-9 second/per ball Warranty: 2 years Warranty
Ball capacity: About 150 pieces After-sales service: Professional Siboasi after-sales department
Battery : Lasting about 5 hours Color : Black,Red,White

1. With APP control (Standard),  Could choose Remote control and Watch control together if like;

2. Two line Training, Three line Training ;

3. Vertical Oscillation training ,volley training ;

4. Random training, lob training ,fixed point training ;

5. Self-programming functions ;

6. This new tennis ball machine meet what you are looking for ;

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