News - The 81st Education Equipment Exhibition “SIBOASI booth”

The 81st Education Equipment Exhibition shocked the “Six Black Technology” experience, he wanted to take home!

On April 21, the 81st China Education Equipment Exhibition, known as the vane of the educational equipment market, finally opened at a grand opening at the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center of Jiangxi.
siboasi machine

The lively editor came to the exhibition scene early to see what was new and fun. Among them, there was a group of people gathered, laughing and laughing before the B4013 booth, and it was particularly noticeable. When I walked in, there were six smart sports equipment called SIBOASI’ “Six Black Technology” in front of the booth. Tennis ball machine, baseball machine, basketball machine, football machine, badminton machine, crowd covering children, adolescents and adults, each equipment, each equipment, each equipment, each equipment Someone was queuing in line, and someone even played “addiction” and refused to leave.
siboasi sports machine

Xiaobian also went up and experienced one of the wool -wool mentality that did not play, and I have to say that these black technology is really magical! I couldn’t stop playing with me who didn’t like sports.

I believe that everyone is full of curiosity at this moment. Let ’s let Xiaobian reveal the mysterious veil of this“ six big black technology ”one by one. Look at their magical magic!

Black Technology 1: Multi -functional Blower  device (Tennis/Baseball)

It can be used for daily sports teaching, daily exercise, parent -child interaction, etc.; Online, baseball floats, controlless transmission control, arbitrarily adjust at high and low, suitable for children at all ages; 360 degrees of front and backhand serve, playback training, start baseball enlightenment ; The all -in -one machine does not need to be installed, the body is lightweight, easy to carry, does not occupy space, and storage is simple.
kids tennis training device

Black Technology 2: Smart Youth Basketball shooting Equipment

Suitable for young people to conduct professional basketball skills training; dual Nets design, configuration of rebounds, and lifting can be adjusted, which can be set according to the height and level of the player; wireless control, intelligent induction serve, have a large number of goal modes; The gear adjustment of the serve speed, frequency, angle, etc.; Can fold the Nets, does not take up space, move the pulley at the bottom, and convert the venue at will; no need to pick up the ball, it can be repeatedly practiced by single or more people at the same time.
kids basketball machine

Black Technology 3: Basketball training machine for kids

Children’s basketball enlightenment teachers, stimulating potential and stimulating bone growth; intelligent remote control control, custom regulating the speed and frequency of serve; LED screens display the exercise time, serving, number of goals, etc.; Automatic detection of activity distance, security is safe.
children basketball machine

Black Technology 4: Football training device

Fun sports guidance, enlightenment of football interest; fashion and simple color matching, cartoon cute appearance; dual goal settings, bring back the ball track, with colorful LED indicator system; automatic timing scoring, LED screen displayed number of serve, number of goals and other data; can Connect the Bluetooth speaker and open the immersive experience combining the perfect combination of music and sports.
kids football machine

Black Technology 5: Smart Siboasi Tennis ball machine

Due to the limited space at the exhibition site, unfortunately I could not experience this black technology at the scene, but I was very curious. I specifically found the person in charge of the booth to learn more about the function of this product. With a variety of serving functions and intelligent adjustment frequency, it can simulate the real training scene, help players standardize basic actions, and perform a variety of tennis skills exercises such as positive and backhand, footsteps, and footwork. It is a proper tennis “sparring artifact”.
siboasi tennis ball machine

Black Technology 6: Smart Badminton shuttlecock training machine

It can be used for daily exercise, teaching and training, and an excellent badminton sparring partner; intelligent induction is serving, customizing the speed, frequency, horizontal angle, pitch angle, etc.; Help players standardize basic actions, carry out front, backhand, footsteps, and footwork exercises , Improve the accuracy of returning; large -capacity ball cages can continue to serve continuously, greatly improving training efficiency.

badminton shooting machine

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Post time: May-25-2023