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S218 Computer String Machine

Tension Options Manual Machine Type Vertical
Dimension 83*49*108cm Weight 24kg
Mounting System 6 points holding Clamp Base Normal clamp holder
work-plate lock support Compatible Tennis & Badminton

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The S218 is the similiar as stringing machine S223,it’s manual control. There’s display of graducation s `cale for pounds 9 to 102 LB,the left and right arm clipping arm adjustment seperately.The working plate can rotate 360°,easy to use ,There’s a lock to fix the working plate at any angle. Moible 6 points holding system, holding quickly and even the racket stress.Compared with S223 ,the only difference is that the machine type is vitical, easier to operate.



  • 1.Stand manual stringing machine.
  • 2.Suitable for tennis racket and badminton racket.
  • 3.Octagonal work plate with single point racket clipping system.
  • 4.Work-plate locking system.
Machine Size 83*49*108CM
Power 100-240V
Mounting System 6 Points Holding
KG/LB Support
Type Stand Manual Type
Clamp Base Normal Clamp Holder
Compatible Badminton And Tennis
Accurate Pounds 0.1LB


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