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S5188 Tennis Badminton Racket Gutting Machine

Tension Options Electronic Power 100-240V
Dimension 89*49*108cm Weight 33kg
Mounting System 6 points holding Clamp Base Normal clamp holder
Machine Type Vertical Compatible Tennis & Badminton
KG/LB Conversion support Accurate Pounds 0.1 LB

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  • The S5188 is the similiar as stringing machine S213,the S5188 stringing machine with Micro-computer control , the machine has Power On Self Test system to protect the product .There’re 3 kinds of stringing speed and 4 sets of data store memory function.
  • The S5188 strining machine has constant pull tensioning system to ensure enough pounds. Automatically pounds correction,Knot with auto increasing pounds ,moreover, the stringing head has the string protection system,which can be adjusted according to the stringing route.
  • Compared with S213 ,the only difference is that the machine type is vitical, easier to operate.



  • 1. Vertical electronic stringing machine.
  • 2. Suitable for badminton racket.
  • 3. Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 LB increments.
  • 4. Constant pull tensioning system.
  • 5. Power-on self-checking system.
  • 6. Four sets of pounds memory function.
  • 7. Pre-stretch,speed and sound are adjustable.
  • 8. Knot with auto increasing pounds and back function.
  • 9. Intelligent converter 100–240V,suitable for any country.
  • 10. KG /LB conversion function.
  • 11. Octagonal work plate with synchronous racket clipping system.


Machine Size 89*49*108CM
Power 100-240V
Mounting System 6 Points Holding
KG/LB Support
Type Stand
Clamp Base Normal Clamp Holder
Compatible Badminton And Tennis
Accurate Pounds 0.1LB


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