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SIBOASI S3 new badminton racket stringing machine with competitive cost

Tension Options Electronic Power 50W
Dimension 96*48*118-142cm Weight 55kgs
Mounting System Sync fixed system Clamp Base Automatic clamp holder
Machine Type Vertical Compatible Badminton racket
KG/LB Conversion support Accurate Pounds 0.1 LB

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Model: New S3 badminton racket stringing machine (New upgraded model in 2024)

The highly specialised SIBOASI stringing machines provide optimal performance stringing for badminton rackets. They convince with easy usage and are regularly used at top tournaments with professional stringers. S3 is our new best racket stringing machine with LCD interface with both english and chinese language control panel,it’s intelligent Mirco-computer system control with automatic pound correction function,to assure precision ±0.1 pound.There’re 4 sets pound memory and 3 Stringing speed could be set as user’s request.

The S3 rackets string machine has constant pull tensioning system and Round work plate with synchronous racket clipping system. The stringing head has the string protection system,which can be adjusted according to the stringing route.

Product Function:

1. Vertical computer rackets stringing machine With automatic locking system  / Height could be adjustable / New tension head / New tools storage design  /Black and Red color for options       .
2. Suitable for both tennis racket and badminton racket.
3. LCD interface with both english and chinese language.
4. Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 LB increments.
5. Constant pull tensioning system.
6. Power-on self-checking system.
7. Four sets of pounds memory function.
8. Pre-stretch,speed and sound are adjustable.
9. Knot with auto increasing pounds and back function.10.Stringing times memory.
11. Intelligent converter 100–240V,suitable for any country.
12. USB Connector with computer for upgrading and data analysing.
13. KG /LB conversion function.
14. Octagonal work plate with synchronous racket clipping system.
15. Automatic clamp base system.

Model S3 stringer badminton racket equipment
Color Black and red to choose
Working voltage 100-240V
Weight 55 KGS
Package size A:93.5*62.5*58.5CM  B:58.5*34.5*32CM
Suitable for Badminton racket only


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SIBOASI rackets stringing equipment manufacturer employs the European industry veterans to design and build the professional R&D teams and production test workshops. It mainly develops and produces football 4.0 high-tech projects,smart soccer ball machines,smart basketball machines,smart volleyball machines,smart tennis ball machines,smart badminton machines,smart table tennis machines,smart squash ball machines,smart racquetball machines and other training equipment and supporting sports equipment, has obtained more than 40 national patents and a number of authoritative certifications such as BV/SGS/CE. Siboasi first proposed the concept of intelligent sports equipment system, and set up three major chinese brands of sports equipment (SIBOASI, DKSPORTBOT, and TINGA), created four major segments of smart sports equipment. And it’s the inventor of the sports equipment system. SIBOASI  filled a number of technological gaps in the world’s ball field, and is the world’s leading brand in ball training equipment, now become well known in global market….

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