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Badminton feeding machine B2000 Siboasi New Model

1. 110-240V for any countries use;

2.Electric power for this model ;

3.Could play square balls ;

4.Light weight for this model , easy to move around in the court;

5.Cheap price ;

6.With remote control in court use;

One set, wordwide delivery!

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B2000 badminton feeding machine is Siboasi new model , the most advantage of this model is that it could play square balls (shooting out ball in 4 corners to play), see more features of it below :

Item Name : Badminton feeding machine B2000 Ball capacity: 180 pcs
Product size: 110*110*210 CM Horizontal 30 degrees(remote control)
Electricity: AC in 100V-240V as differnt countries Warranty: We have 2 years warranty for machines
Product Net Weight: 17 KGS Main Advantage: Could play square balls
Packing size (3 ctns): 16cm*16cm*133cm/68cm*34cm*38cm/58cm*53cm*51cm Machine Power: 70 W
Packing total Gross Weight : In 31 KGS Parts: Remote control,power cord
Battery: Do not have battery for this model Frequency: 0.9-5.5S/ball

siboasi training badminton machine


Products Detailed functions of this new siboasi badminton shooting machine model :

1. Fixed-point ball (Shooing to one dropping point);

2.Two line ball ( Two dropping point );

3. Two kinds of cross ball ( Two dropping point ,but cross shooing );

4. Net ball functions;

5.Horizontal ball functions;

6.Random ball shooting in court;

7. Square ball functions (Shoot to 4 corners );

badminton training serving machine -3 siboasi badminton shuttlecock machine-4 buy badminton training machine-5

High end material for the models :

1. Durable motor for working more than 10 years;

2.High quality moving wheels ;

3.Durable shooting wheels for shooting balls ;

4.Big shuttle holders for machine ;

badminton playing shuttle machine -6 badminton coach machine-9 buy badminton training ball machine -7 badminton serving feeding machine-8



This B2000 model shuttlecock badminton training machine is very popular after starting to sell in Market for its special square ball functions and cheap cost, if you have limited budget for buying a badminton machine, then recommend you strongly this model , you will be happy to have it in hand , it would make your sports life more colorful and enjoyable . Please get back to us if you are interested in buying siboasi ball machines:




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